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Portuguese Visas and Permits

Considering the increasing demand for legal services by individuals, our team has developed a Foreign Investment and Immigration Law department, primarily focused on assisting investors and foreigners who look to seize the opportunities of investing in Portugal or choose it as a living or working destination.


i. Short stay;

ii. Temporary stay; and,

iii. Residence visa.


The residence visa is intended for foreign citizens who wish to apply for an authorization of residency (the “residence permit”). This visa is valid for 2 entries into Portuguese territory and allows its holder to stay during a period of 4 months; nonetheless it is possible to request an extension of this stay for an additional period of 90 days.

Please find below some types of residence visas:

i. To carry out a professional activity under an employment contract;

ii. To carry out a professional activity through a services provider agreement, as a self-employed individual (if applicable) or as an entrepreneur (as long as some legal requirements are fulfilled);

iii. For teaching, highly qualified or cultural activity;

iv. For research, study, internship or volunteer; and,

v. For family reunification.


There are two kinds of residence permits:

i. Temporary residence permits; and,

ii. Permanent residence permits.

Usually, the temporary residence permit is valid for a period of 1 year from date of issue of the residency card and is renewable for successive periods of two years. Please note that the renewal of the temporary permit must be requested until 30 days prior to its expiration date and the receipt of this request has the same effects of the permit for a period of a renewable 60 days.

Finally, we should highlight that the renewal is only granted if certain conditions are met, such as the compliance with the obligations set by the Tax Authorities and Social Security.

The permanent residence permit has no expiration limit but it must be renewed every 5 years. Please note that the permanent residence permit is only granted if certain conditions are met, such as holding a temporary permit for at least 5 years and having a basic understanding of the Portuguese language.

The applicant of the residence permit can request simultaneously the family reunification. Among others, the holder of the residence permit is entitled to:

i. Education and health;

ii. To carry out a professional activity; and,

iii. Access to the law and courts.

The main categories of residence permits are:

i. Professional activity;

ii. Golden Visa;

iii. Research, study, professional internship or volunteer;

iv. Family Reunification;

v. EU Blue Card; and,

vi. Startup Visa.


Among others, regardless of the category of residence permit, to be granted a residence permit the applicants must comply with the following requirements:

i. Valid residence visa;

ii. Means of subsistence;

iii. Accommodation;

iv. Registration at the Social Security (if applicable); and,

v. Absence of conviction for a crime with a sentence higher than 1 year.

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